RETURN FROM "BAMBUKO" | art direction | illustration - Formallina Illustration
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RETURN FROM „BAMBUKO” | art direction | illustration


The book “Bambuko”, written by one of the most prominent polish singer-songwriters Katarzyna Nosowska is a haunting memoir piece about departing from a chilling space of a co-dependent life. I decided, that I’ll illustrate Katarzyna’s intense series of short essays, by creating for each one of them psychedelic, 70’ties inspired & poetic theme. This artwork is touching sensitive topics, such as uneasy childhood experiences, dealing with own limitations or betrayal. Avoiding a verbatim approach I designed symbolic, even surreal spaces, where all of both Authors and readers burden can be unloaded with curiosity and relief. The book is a one of the polish best-selling titles for 2020.




Books, Covers, Illustration, Okładki