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About me & my  work


I’m Izabela Kaczmarek-Szurek, a professional illustrator based in Warsaw.
For nearly 12 years I’ve been working for publishers, magazines, fashion brands and ad agencies.

For enquiries about collaborations, work projects, features etc, please contact me at: hello.formallina@gmail.com
…or just call me: + 48 796226395

Academy of Fine Arts | Poznań, Poland
Graphic Design&Visual Communication
MA degree at the poster studio of Prof. E.Skorwider

Universität der Künste Berlin | Berlin, Germany
illustration class

My illustrations have been commissioned by clients such as:

Harper’s Bazaar Us, Rossmann Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza, EY Ernst&Young,
Sharp, Łukasz Jemioł, MBank, Gosia Baczyńska, Museum of Warsaw
Hunger TV, Twój Styl, Przekrój, Blonde Magazine, Elementone,Pismo
Agora, Wielka Litera, Egmont, Sunday is Monday, Backstage PR
Sukces, Empik, TFH Concept, Spread Studio


It’s Nice That

I’m also one of the best new polish illustrators
featured on this bookツ